We are delighted to announce that the  CREATE, ACT, CHANGE: 5th International Digital Storytelling Conference and Exhibition will be hosted by Hacettepe University, Faculty of Communication, in Ankara, Turkey in May, 2013.  We invite all members of the international digital storytelling community to join us. We decided to borrow CREATE from the previous conference in Lillehammer, acknowledging the conference organizers who brought practitioners and academics of digital storytelling together in a great event. With this inspiration, we decided to add two new concepts ACT and CHANGE to join CREATE for exploring new horizons through creative community practices that aim to bring equality and justice to ordinary lives.

The conference themes will include but not be limited to:

Gender, Identity, Activism, Inclusion, Participation, Democracy, Community building, Intercultural encounters, Belief stories, Sustainability, Resilience, Health, Heritage, Voice, Social media and Online DST workshops.

The conference will host various events in its structure for inclusion of more voices.  There will be paper presentation sessions, individual digital story screening sessions and a digital story exhibition. So we would like to share three different calls for organizing this conference program.

Conference venue is Beytepe (Tunçalp Özgen) Conference Center, at Beytepe Campus.

Important Dates

Submission of abstracts for paper presentations:  February 15, 2013
Accepted paper announcement:  March 15, 2013

Full paper submission for peer reviewed publication: June 30, 2013
Accepted full-paper announcement: August 15, 2013

Submission of Digital Stories for Screening Session:  February 15, 2013

Submission for exhibition:   February 15, 2013
Announcement for accepted projects for exhibition: March 1, 2013




D.Professor Dr. John Hartley (Curtin University)
Associate Professor Dr. Jean Burgess (QUT)
Associate Professor Dr. Helen Klaebe (QUT)
Joe Lambert (Center for Digital Storytelling)
Ana Boa-Ventura (Media Shots)
Ines Rodrigues (Media Shots)
Associate Professor Dr. Chloe Brushwood-Rose (York University)
Assistant Professor Dr. Aline Gubrium (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Karen Worcman
Angelina Koh (Digital Storytelling Asia)
Elaine Bliss (The University of Waikato)
Pip Hardy (Pilgrim Projects, UK)
Natasha Freidus (Creative Narrations)
Dr. Heather Pleasants (The University of Alabama)
Yvonne Pratt
Amy Hill (Center for Digital Storytelling)
Jennifer Lafontaine (North York Community House)
Helen Simondson (ACMI)
Per Ericksson (Lillehammer University)
Dr. Clodagh Miskelly (Panos London)
Darcy Alexandra (Dublin Institute of Technology)
Associate Professor Dr. Hakan Ergül (Organization Team, Hacettepe University)
Assistant Professor Dr. Ersan Ocak (Organization Team, Bilkent University)
Dr. Aslı Budak (Organization Team, Hacettepe University)
Şengül İnce(Organization Team, Hacettepe University)


Burcu Şimşek
Joe Lambert
Hakan Ergül
Ersan Ocak
Aslı Budak
Evren Sertalp
Şengül İnce
Hatice Şule Oğuz
Gökçe Zeybek Kabakcı
Eda Çetinkaya
Çağrı Çakın


The conference invites proposals for traditional academic papers that discuss digital storytelling and its theoretical, social and cultural contexts; and we particularly welcome practice-led reflection from digital storytelling workshop practitioners and participants. Presenters are encouraged to show examples of digital stories related to their papers as part of their allocated 20 minute presentations. In addition to individual abstracts, panel ideas are welcome. The accepted full papers submitted to peer review process will be available online. The full papers should be between 5000-7000 words including bibliography. The template of publication will be sent to accepted full papers authors.

The abstracts for papers, presentations and panels should be submitted in 400-500 words. The panel proposals should state the topic and the purpose of the panel, configured by the panel head. In addition, the panel proposal should include the brief summary of each participant's part in the panel, accompanied by their bios in few words.

The paper can be either in English or Turkish. Simultaneous translation will not be available.

* If you have difficulty with the online abstract submission, please send your abstract to the conference secretary e-mail. (dsthacettepe@gmail.com)

Deadline for Abstract Submission: February 15, 2013

Deadline for Submission of full papers for peer reviewed publicationJune 30, 2013
Conference Secretary Email: dsthacettepe@gmail.com

Click for paper and panel submission


The conference schedule will incorporate a parallel stream in which digital stories will be screened continuously.  The submissions for this session can be either individual or organizational. There won’t be any presentations or talks in this session. This screening session aims to provide a physical space for as many digital storytellers’ voices as possible to be represented in the conference. We aim to screen as many digital stories as possible from projects with diverse objectives and from different parts of the world. The time frame for each project screening may vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The digital stories should be English subtitled and in AVI format.

Submission of Digital Stories for Screening Session by: February 15, 2013


Digital Story File Uploads: dsthacettepe@gmail.com  (via WeTransfer)
Conference Secretary Email: dsthacettepe@gmail.com


Click for digital story screening stream submission


The “Create, Act, Change” Digital Storytelling Exhibition will run alongside but separately from the conference as a public event.

In order to create a space for people running digital storytelling projects to exchange ideas, as well as raising awareness about digital storytelling workshops for interested members of the public, we would like to exhibit six selected DST projects. We invite coordinators of Digital Storytelling projects to consider this one-week event as a place where they can both screen digital stories from their projects on a LCD screen that is placed in a separate tailored space in the exhibition area created in the conference center. We will aim to ‘tailor’ each spot with items that will attract the audience as well as welcome them to talk to the project representative.

The projects that will be exhibited in this special event should be accompanied by a representative who can give information about the project as well as answering questions if needed.

A project file that contains the English subtitled digital stories and an information note (400-500 words) that describes the project should be submitted via WeTransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com/) to dsthacettepe@gmail.com

Submission for exhibition by:  February 15, 2013

Conference Secretary Email: dsthacettepe@gmail.com

Click for exhibition submission


Online registration is closed. If you couldn't complete your registration before the due date,

please contact Conferance Secretary Şengül İnce (dsthacettepe@gmail.com)



Pre-Conference Workshop May 6-7, 2013

New Mobile Digital Storytelling Educator's Workshop

• Joe Lambert, Founder and Director, CDS
• Burcu Simsek, Assistant Professor, Coordinator, Digital Storytelling Unit, Faculty of Communications, Hacettepe University

Create, Act, Change Digital Storytelling Exhibition Opening

May 6, 2013 15:00

Create, Act, Change Conferance Program

Post-conference Trip: Cappadocia Trip

Two-day accommodation-transportation included tour organized by Tempo Tour. Min number for 12 people required.

Single person single room- 150 Euro

Double room-per person- 165 Euro

Contact: Berfin Emre Çetin - berfinemre@gmail.com


Special price for the conference participants at Bilkent Hotel is available. 
Please contact Nazlı Özelge (Sales Manager) n.ozelge@bilkentotel.com.tr for the special price for the conference, include the reservation code DS2013.
During the conference days, there will be schedule buses running from this hotel to the conference center in the morning and from the conference center to the hotel in the evening,




Beytepe Campus is located at the 14th km. of Ankara-Eskiþehir Highway.


Bus line: 230
You can reach Beytepe Campus by taking the bus number 230 with the route label "Hacettepe-Beytepe Kampüsü", which departs from Sýhhiye Campus.

Departure Hours:

First departure hour both from Sýhhiye Campus and Beytepe Campus is 06.40 a.m; last departure hour is 22.45 from Sýhhiye Campus and 20.00 from Beytepe Campus.

Buses leave every 20 minutes at Beytepe Campus during academic season (Fall, Spring and Summer Terms). Please mind that buses leave every thirty minutes after 18.00 pm and on holidays.
NOTE: Passengers must have tickets (magnetic cards) to take the EGO buses. It is recommended that you should have extra tickets with you since you may not easily find bus tickets in Beytepe, particularly at night and during holidays.


While driving to Beytepe Campus, you can take the Hacettepe Exit at the 14th km. of Ankara-Eskiþehir Highway and continue to the Main Gate (A). Entering Beytepe Campus through the Main Gate, you will see the right turn for the conference center.
IMPORTANT: You should consider that the traffic in the morning can be heavy due to route constructions!


Approximately calculated cab fare:
Kýzýlay (Kolej)-Beytepe Campus: 30
Tunalý-Beytepe Campus: 30
Bilkent Hotel-Beytepe Campus: 10




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Esenboða Airport -Bilkent Hotel: 75
Esenboða Airport -Tunalý: 60
Esenboða Airport - Beytepe Campus: 80


Selected papers (discourse-related inquiries in particular) will be invited to submit their enhanced, full-text version to the Journal of Multicultural Discourses(Routledge) for a special volume. For further inquiries on publication procedure, please contact Dr. Hakan Ergül via hakanergul@hacettepe.edu.tr

Submission deadlines extended to February 15, 2013.